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How to Combat Thinning Hair from Menopause


  As a woman gets older, hormonal changes and declines in her body, known as menopause, will inevitably take place and begin to have lasting physical effects on her body. One of these changes may be thinning or loss of hair. During this time in their lives, no woman wants to deal with hair loss,

How to Combat Thinning Hair from Menopause2023-01-17T15:57:50-06:00

Causes for Hair Loss in Men and Women


A very common concern for adults as they grow older is hair loss. There are a few different reasons you may be losing your hair, both between men and women, but everyone can agree that it’s an issue no one wants to deal with. Hair loss can leave you with an undesirable head of hair,

Causes for Hair Loss in Men and Women2022-11-30T15:00:34-06:00
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