As a woman gets older, hormonal changes and declines in her body, known as menopause, will inevitably take place and begin to have lasting physical effects on her body. One of these changes may be thinning or loss of hair. During this time in their lives, no woman wants to deal with hair loss, which is why it can be important to best understand how to prevent and mitigate it. 

The Cause

Quite a lot of research tells us that hair loss from menopause is almost always a result of hormonal imbalances. More specifically, a lowered production of estrogen and progesterone. When these hormonal levels drop, hair grows at a slower rate and becomes much thinner. Other factors that can contribute to the loss of hair during menopause can include high levels of stress, severe illness and lack of specific nutrients. Although the condition isn’t permanent, menopause and hair loss can be detrimental to a woman’s self confidence and there are ways to prevent or help slow the effects, which in turn can help a woman experiencing menopause feel better about herself and her appearance.


Methods to Combat Thinning Hair From Menopause

Although everyone is different and will have varying experiences, there are a few methods that are proven to help mitigate the effects of thinning hair. These methods include:

  • Reducing Stress: Major levels of stress is a huge catalyst for hormonal imbalances and hair loss. Make sure you’re handling stress well by doing things such as yoga or breathing exercises. 
  • Exercise: Staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle will help you look and feel stronger, and happier throughout your daily lives. As well as preventing other symptoms like insomnia and mood swings, exercise can help keep your hormonal levels balanced, which in turn leads to healthier hair. 
  • Healthy Diet: Having a well balanced and healthy diet is one of the best defenses against hair loss. Make sure you’re eating an adequate amount of whole grains, fruits and vegetables everyday. 
  • Hydration: For your body to function properly, it needs to be properly hydrated. Try your best to stay away from juices or sodas that are high in sugar, and generally speaking, consume around 64 ounces of water a day. 
  • Keep your hair natural: Heating tools, extensions, and unnatural dyes can all have weakening effects on your hair. Keep your hair natural so it can grow at its best ability.


Consider Medication or Procedures

Even after trying all the aforementioned methods and living a healthy lifestyle, hair loss can still occur and really hurt a woman’s self confidence. We at ScalpMasters understand the importance of looking good to feel good, and we want to help every woman feel their best. If you are having trouble with hair loss, it may be a good idea to talk to your doctor about medications or explore possible procedures. That is where we come in. If you’re looking to fix your hair loss problem, don’t wait to contact us today for a consultation, and let us help you get back to feeling 100 percent!