A very common concern for adults as they grow older is hair loss. There are a few different reasons you may be losing your hair, both between men and women, but everyone can agree that it’s an issue no one wants to deal with. Hair loss can leave you with an undesirable head of hair, but it can also be a sign of an unhealthy scalp. It is important to understand what may be causing you to lose hair, as fixing the problem may benefit your health and restore your confidence with healthier looking hair. 

Common Symptoms 

Both men and women experience hair loss, and although it is more common among men, the majority of adults will experience some kind of hair loss as they grow older. One of the most common types of hair loss is male and female pattern baldness. For men, this usually means a receding hairline or a growing bald spot on the top of their head. Women, on the other hand will experience this with the broadening of the part of their hair. Both men and women would see their hair start to thin as well, as it stops growing back as thick. Other signs of hair loss include patchy or circular bald spots, sudden loosening of the hair or patches of scaling that spread to the scalp. 

Most Likely Causes

While it is normal to lose a handful of hairs a day, it is generally not noticeable because new hairs are constantly growing in and replacing them. When the hair stops growing back as consistently, or as thickly, is what we typically consider to be hair loss. A few of the most common factors contributing to this can include;

  • Genetics: The most common cause of hair loss, family history and heredity play a huge role in whether you’ll experience hair loss as you age. This is the condition simply known as male and female pattern baldness and usually occurs gradually with predictable patterns. 
  • Medical Conditions: There are a variety of conditions that can lead to hair loss. Hormonal changes due to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and more can lead to hair falling out. Infections on the scalp like ringworm can also leave behind a patchy and rough head of hair. As can alopecia areata, which is immune system related. 
  • Medications: Several different medications and supplements can cause hair loss. It is important to know the side effects of the various substances you may be taking. 
  • High Stress Environments: Any major stress inducing event, or constantly being immersed in stressful situations can be a major burden to your body, which can lead to hair loss.
  • Excessive Hair Styles: Wearing your hair in specific ways, like pulling it tight and using a ton of product can lead to unhealthy hair that may fall out. 
  • Cancer Treatment: Radiation therapy can typically lead to hair loss. 

Get Treatment

Hair loss can be such an undesirable trait for many of us as we grow older. Both men and women would agree that it is concerning, kills your confidence and leaves behind an unhealthy look. We at ScalpMasters understand these concerns, and understand how important it is to have a healthy, full head of hair. If you are dealing with hair loss, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have the proper experience and knowledge to help you navigate hair loss, while also offering solutions to overcome it. Feel free to contact us today, and let us help you get back to having the hair you love!