Many people struggle with hair loss, and view it as a major obstacle when it comes to their appearance, confidence and more. We at Scalp Masters understand the significance of a good head of hair, and want to help you look and feel younger with our services!

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation, or SMP, is a solution that helps with a variety of hair loss situations. There are a number of different forms of hair loss, which can leave your head looking rough, unhealthy and attractive. Whether male or female, major and minor, we have the solutions to maintain the health of your hair.

Male-Pattern Hair Loss

SMP can easily remedy a receding hairline, adding density to the top and crown of the head, to create a natural looking blend in the sides and back of the scalp. 

Female-Pattern Hair Loss

By replicating thousands of follicles, SMP can camouflage hair loss by creating the illusion of thickness by reducing the areas of noticeable scalp. Have a fuller looking head of hair, and the thickness to maintain the look. 

SMP Repair

Improper application, bad equipment and artist inexperience can all lead to an inferior SMP job. Trust us to make the right corrective procedures so that any previous mistakes can be camouflaged. 


Alopecia is when the scalp becomes patchy and the hair looks rough and inconsistent. SMP can do a tremendous job at restoring follicle density and creating a seamless blend. 

Scar Concealment

Scaring can be a common occurrence for people who’ve had hair replacements or head trauma. SMP is the best solution to hiding and concealing all scar tissue. 

Hair Transplant Enhancement

Enhancement with SMP can create an ideal solution that otherwise cannot be achieved. Make sure you get the thickness you wanted. 

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We at ScalpMasters are experts in SMP, and prioritize giving our patients the best treatments possible. For whatever you may need, a healthy head of hair can be achievable through us. Don’t wait to contact us today for a free SMP consultation. Look better, feel more confident, and be yourself with Scalp Masters.